Tips On Finding New Clients For Freelancers

Being freelance and working at home to make a living is a dream for many people and one of the reasons why they become freelancers in the first place. However being a freelancer also has many challenges. One of the most import being finding work for you for the following day , week or month. There are many ways you can find work and having freelance jobs for you to finish them and make money as a freelancer. Some of them are:

  1. Social networks like Twitter or LinkedIn can provide great tool to find new clients. You can use social media to connect to businesses that will be interested to hire someone with your skills and experience. You can use Twitter to send you an alert every time someone uses a word that describes your skills. For instance if someone tweets words like “freelance writer”, “writer”, “freelance designer”, “web designer” or other word that describes you will receive notification. If the tweet is about someone looking for a freelancer to hire you can send them a note that you are interested.
  2. Freelance marketplaces. Freelance marketplaces like Odesk are places where freelancers  and employers meet. These kind of websites work that way that employers post the jobs or projects that they want to be done for them and freelancers bid  with their price to be hired and get to finish the job and be paid. You can join for free and create your profile where you can  list your skills for employers to see and start biding  on jobs that are posted every day. Many freelance marketplace websites have a mailing list you can join, so you will regularly receive email with a list of  newly posted freelance jobs that match your skills.
  3. Online Forums. Online forums are another ways you can find potential clients for your freelance business. Forums allow their members to include a signature which appears everytime they post something. If you are a freelance web designer you can join forums where your potential clients can be found. You  can include a link to your website or blog in your signature.
  4. Paid advertising networks. Social networks and Tweeter are both excellent and free ways to reach new potential clients. But for freelancers there are also paid advertising or as it’s called Pay per click (PPC) as a way to reach large number of potential clients for a short time but will cost money. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing and other networks have paid advertising. If you look online you can find free coupons  and give PPC advertising a try for free.

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