Tips On Choosing The Best Revenue Sharing Website

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Revenue sharing websites offer way for making money online without a website of your own and without any investment. If you wish to make money this way you will only need to create content you can publish on revenue sharing websites and then earn portion of the advertising revenue that is generated.

By submitting your own content you will create a stream of passive income and you will earn money for years in the future after your content is published. By being a contributor to these kind of websites you will be making money online even while you sleeps if the website is still online. And great thing about it is that you can create content about anything you like. You can write articles, make videos and answer questions about lifestyle, technology, sports, real estate etc.

Finding revenue sharing websites is very easy. If you search online you will find dozens of revenue sharing websites. Because of this you are probably asking yourself which one of them to join. Here are some tips to help you choose the best of them:

  1. What kind of content does the website accept. You can create any kind of content and make money from it. Freelance writers can write articles and start making money online by submitting the to revenue sharing article directories. If you like to make videos you can make money by publishing them, You can also make money by helping people and answering questions or writing reviews. Most website accept written content in form of articles and reviews but there are revenue sharing websites where you can also publish videos or answer questions. Because of this decide what kind  content you wish to create and find appropriate site where you can start contributing and making money online.
  2. How much visitors does the website have? You should pick a website that has the most traffic. You can do this by checking their Alexa rank.  If you submit your content to high traffic websites you will increase the chances of more people seeing your articles or videos and you will make more money.
  3. Are you allowed to submit content on any topic? Most of the revenue sharing websites allow their contributors to submit content about anything they like : movies, technology, entertainment, travel etc. However before you join make sure they will  publish the content that you plan to create. Some websites accept only work on a certain niches, others allow publish work on just about anything. There are also sites that allow only reviews.
  4. How much is the contributors share of the revenue? The revenue share that contributors earn are 50% and more. There are sites that give 50% and there are sites that give even 70 or 80% to their contributors. The bigger you share the better, so it’s best to join a website that pays more.

Does the website have a community forum where you can exchange ideas and tips with other contributors? One of the best thing about making money online with revenue sharing websites is that they have a large communities which are always ready to help newcomers with  tips and ideas to help them create quality content and make money. Check out does the site has a community forum or some type of social networking where you can exchange ideas with other members.

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