Making Money Online By Offering Your Transcription Services

freelance transcription

Transcription is a legitimate work at home opportunity. There are many people making a full time income online working as a freelance transcribers. There are numerous jobs available online and the good part is that even if you don’t have any experience there are companies hiring even newbies. If you are new you will not be making much money but in time as your experience typing skills increase you will be able to make a living online working as a transcriber.

What is transcription?

Transcription is converting recorded audio and video material into written documents.  If you decide to start your transcription online business you will be listening to recordings of interviews, focus groups, lectures, seminars  and typing  what was said in word processor document according to certain set of rules about format and transcription style guide.

What will you need to start working at home as a freelance transcriber?

There are not significant investments necessary to start your transcription business. However you will need certain equipment as well as necessary skills to succeed. What you will need is:

  1. Computer connected to internet, quality headphones and foot pedal are recommended
  2. Transcription software.  You can download and install  ExpressScribe which is excellent and free transcription software.
  3. Good typing speed. Some transcription companies require that you type fast, 50 words per minute or less. If you are not experienced you can download program called KeyBlaze typing tutor which you can use  to improve your typing skill and speed.
  4. Good listening skill.
  5. Knowledge of medical and legal terms. Although knowledge in medical and not strictly required will help you in finding medical and legal transcription jobs which are paid better.

How to find transcription jobs online

There are many transcription job opportunities available online. There are jobs for both beginner transcribers as well as advanced transcribers. If you are interested you will find available jobs here:

  1.  Amazon Mechanical Turk is your best choice if you have zero experience or you have a problem to decide if transcription business is right for you. Joining mturk is easy and completely free  and there you will find not only transcription jobs  called tasks but thousands of other tasks you can work on.  On mturk there are  requester and worker accounts. You should open a worker account if you wish to work on transcription tasks Once you have an account search for transcription task and start working on them. Transcription task on mturk are short one, usually from few seconds to few minutes of audio recording that you will need to transcribe. There are a number of requester’s that offer a transcription tasks, and you can start working once you pass a test and  obtain a qualification from each of them individually. The earnings on mturk are not great but everyone can start working and get a feel to what does transcription work looks like.
  2. Online transcription companies  are another way to start your career.  Unlike Amazon Mechanical Turk they have a number on requirements such as minimum typing speed, experience, turn around time and minimum working hours you must dedicate every week. To start working  you must apply and submit your resume and pass a test. The pay rates generally are starting  from $1 per audio minute transcribed and more. Some transcription companies you can apply to are Verbal Ink,  GMRTranscripts, AccutranGlobal.
  3. Start your own transcription  online business. Set up your own website and offer your transcription services. When you have you own website it will make it easier for potential customers to find you and you will get to keep all the earnings.

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