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Many people today join social bookmarking websites to share links with their friends and like minded people, build backlinks to their website or other reasons. Because of the ease to use them social bookmarking websites are very popular.

If you love to share links, photos, videos you can even get paid to do that if you join social bookmarking website called RedGag.

RedGage is a revenue sharing social bookmarking site similar to other websites online but now all your links to other websites, photos, videos and everything you upload can earn you some extra money.


How much contributors can earn depends on the number of views the content he uploaded has earned.

To start making money online with RedGage first of all you need to open an account. Opening account is easy and free. All you need to do is go to the website and sign up.

After you sign up you need to start uploading content. You can upload blog post, photos, videos and links to websites.

To upload blog post you will need to write title, description and add tags as well as write or copy paste your blog post. To upload photo you will need to write title for the photo, description as well add relevant tags. Same applies to uploaded videos where you will also need to write description title and add tags.

When uploading link you will need to provide the link as well as write title description add tags and as an option you can also choose thumbnail. Maximum number of tags you can add to your upload is 10 and the description is limited to 255 characters.

Title and tags are very important because they help users to find your uploaded content more easily which will increase the page views and your earnings. Make an effort to write great title and find most relevant tags for your uploads.

RedGage monetizes the content with advertisements and gives portion of the revenue to the members. The more active members are more they can expect to earn.To increase your earning from RedGage along with uploading  interesting content you must also promote it to get more pageviews.

User earnings are based on the number of views and their pay ration for every thousand views is dependent on several things like the level of activity and quality of work.

RedGage is a good way to make money online for free. User can make money online without investment simply by uploading links, photos, videos and blog posts. RedGage is useful in promoting a blog or a website if you own one. Bloggers can promote their blog posts and get more visitors to their blog.

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