How To Write Articles For Revenue Sharing Websites

Revenue sharing websites are legitimate way for freelance writers to start making money online. By submitting articles to revenue sharing websites they can make money for free  for years to come by earning a percentage of the revenue that was generated by their articles.

Journal Entry

To make money with revenue sharing websites you will need to join which is free and start writing articles. For freelance writers writing articles is not too difficult but there are some things to consider before writing your articles. Your articles must meet several conditions:

  1. Not be rejected by the administration of the revenue sharing websites.
  2. Be informative and well written.
  3. Are SEO optimized so they can bring traffic from the search engines.

Because of this here are some guidelines that will help you write good article and make most of your writing efforts:

  1. Choose a topic you wish write about. One of the advantages of revenue sharing websites is that they accept articles on any topic, food, lifestyle, politics technology, business, arts etc. Because of this maybe you will find it hard to choose what to write for. The best advice would that you should write about things you know and you are passionate about.
  2. Research keywords. Keywords are very important because search engines will rank your articles based on the keywords you use, their density and relations. You should find keywords that have high number of searches, because that will bring in more traffic and therefore more earnings for you.
  3. Use keywords in the title of your article. The titles are the most important part of your article and because of this you should include at least one keyword of keyword phrase.
  4. Follow writer guidelines. Every revenue sharing website has writer guidelines that all writers must follow. Although they offer more flexibility for freelance writers than writing for clients, they must follow them or they risk their articles will not get published. These guidelines cover issues like minimum number of words that article must have and certain standards of quality the article must meet.
  5. Write informative articles. Your articles should not only be keyword optimized but also informative and interesting to read. Remember that you are writing for both people and search engines.
  6. Check your article for spelling errors and grammar. When you finish writing you should always double check your work for errors before submitting.
  7. Submit your article. When all is done and checked all that is left is to submit your article for review. Many websites review your work and if it meets their standards your work will be published and you can start making money online from the advertisements.

Writing for revenue sharing websites is a nice way for freelance writers to be making money online. To make money you are not constrained by clients demands like when you are working for clients, but have liberty in choosing the topic of your articles and you are able to write and submit as much as you like. But if you wish to maximize your earning than you should follow writing guidelines and optimize your article for search engines.

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