How to Outsource Blog Post Writing

Blogs can be a very nice source of income for their owners. There are many blog owners that make thousands of dollars every month from their blogs. The secret to successful and profitable blog that will earn you lots of money is  your ability to attract visitors and turn them in to regular readers. To do this your blog must establish the reputation as an authority in your niche. This is easier said than done because blogging involves many things connected to building, maintaining and running your blog. For instance running a blog requires writing content you can publish, regular updating of WordPress and plugins and promoting your content to bring visitors among other things.

Why you should outsource writing of your blog posts

Of all things associated with running a blog the most important and probably the most difficult one is writing blog posts you can publish on your blog. Blog posts are important because they are the reason why readers will be visiting your blog regularly. If you publish content that is relevant, interesting and valuable you can expect they will remain your readers in the future. If your readers leave your blog disappointed you can expect they will not come back again. Because of this creating content and updating your blog regularly is critical to building a successful blog.

However writing quality content that is both informative as well as optimized for search engines is not an easy task. This involves researching, writing and proofreading and if you are involved in other activities aside from blogging you will most likely be occasions where you will not have enough time to do it all. So the question is how to create content for your blog if you don’t have time. The obvious answer is to have someone else write blog posts for you.

How can you outsource content creation for your blog

There are many places where  you can find freelancers who will write blog posts for you. One of the best places to find freelance bloggers  are freelance marketplaces like Odesk, Elance, Freelance and others. These are place where blog owners can find freelance writers to write blog posts for them.  What blog owners need to do is post their projects and requirements on these websites and freelancers will start bidding. After that they need to choose which freelancer they want to hire based on the pay they want, time necessary to complete the project as well as the experience of the freelancers. After you select who you wish to hire they need to finish the writing project in the required time and submit the work for you to review. If you are not satisfied you can return the post to be rewritten. If you like the post you will need to pay the freelancer the amount of money that was agreed.

Another place where blog owners can outsource content writing are writing websites like Textbroker and iWriter. Unlike freelance websites where you can set the price you want for every article, on this websites the price is determined  on a per word basis.  On this websites depending on a quality and number of words of the blog post you will pay somewhere from 1 cent to several cents for word.

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  1. Nice and informative post

    Blogs are mainly maintained by blog owners for making money. Many people have different reasons for their blog but in most cases making money is the only reason. Content is always the king either for website or for a blog.

    There is always a scarcity for good content on the internet. Many blogs and websites also do not update their web pages due to lack of good and informative content. If you have the talent of writing then outsourcing your content can be a great way of earning money. The above post clearly explains the way of doing it. If the owners like your work then automatically you will be paid good amount.

    Thank you for sharing.
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