Jun 01

Ad Management Plugins For WordPress Blogs

Many blogs and websites online earn money online for their owners using one or more monetization methods. The prevalent model for making money with a blog are advertisements.Revenue generated by paid advertisements is the main source of income for millions … Continue reading

May 24

Why You Should Sell Advertising Yourself Instead Of Joining Advertising Networks

Paid advertisement is the most common monetization methods that blog owner use to make money with their blogs. Blog owners make money by displaying ads  and banners on their blogs  which are paid for by the advertisers. Generaly speaking there … Continue reading

May 17

How to Outsource Blog Post Writing

Blogs can be a very nice source of income for their owners. There are many blog owners that make thousands of dollars every month from their blogs. The secret to successful and profitable blog that will earn you lots of … Continue reading

May 11

How To Make Money From Internet Forums Without Owning Them

In the previous post there are a number of tips how internet forums owners can make money. However internet forums can be used to make money even if you do not own a forum.  Here are some tips how to … Continue reading

Mar 26

6 Blogging Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There are probably millions of blogs on internet and thousands of new are started each day. There are many reasons why blogs are created. They can be created with a purpose  to connect with people with similar interests, spread ideas … Continue reading

Feb 27

Where To Find Images For Your WordPress Blog

Images are one of the most important elements of a good blog post. Although written word is crucial images help in visually improving the blog posts as well as better explain the subject of blog posts to the readers. If … Continue reading

Feb 22

How To Add Images To WordPress Blog Posts

There is an old saying that and image speaks thousand words. This can also apply to blogs because sometimes is having an image helps to better explain the subject of the blog post or sometimes to simply make the blog … Continue reading

Feb 13

6 Tips To Get More Returning Visitors To Your Blog

There are millions and millions of blogs online started with purpose of promoting certain causes, making money online or just to have fun and share ideas and opinions with the rest of the world. Out of millions of blogs on … Continue reading

Jan 28

7 Tips How Bloggers Can Use Social Media For Blog Promotion

There are millions of people today using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Because of this social media are excellent way to promote your blog and reach your target audience. Many people that would be interested in visiting your … Continue reading