7 Tips Freelancers Can Market Their Work Offline

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Thanks to internet many freelancers are making a living working at home.   All the freelancers need today to start making money from their talent and hard work is a computer connected to internet. But the question is should freelancers completely ignore the offline marketing?

The answer is no because although online you can reach much more potential clients from all over the world, offline methods can also help you find clients. You can find clients offline anywhere, in the grocery store, in the restaurant, in the park there are  people who are small business owners that will need a logo designed for their business, or a good sales copy or to design a website or redesign their old website.

Here are some tips to help you  find clients offline:

  1. Be prepared to talk to strangers. You must be the one who is prepared to start a conversation with strangers because people generally don’t  like to initiate conversation. Two things can happen the other person may respond by accepting a conversation or they can ignore you if they don’t want to talk. You should also be pleasant when someone initiates conversation and respond. Some of the strangers you could be talking can be a small business owner who may have a need for your services. When talking to small business owner tell them what value are you capable to offer them.  If you are web designer tell them you can make professional web site for them for affordable price, or a catchy original logo for their business.
  2. Business card. Business card is something you always need to have  with you.  You should carry at least several business cards everywhere you go. Business cards are easy and simple way to give your contact information to potential clients anywhere you go. When you meet potential clients in the grocery store, in the park or any where else just give them your card.
  3. Scan the area where you live for potential customers.  Businesses in the area where you live are place for your offline search for potential clients. Start with the businesses where you go frequently, talk to the owner, tell them about the benefits they will have from the professional build website or the SEO benefits  of a well written article posted on their website or blog.
  4. Never stop marketing your freelance work. When comes to making a living as a freelance professional and finding clients both online and offline then persistence is very important. Never stop marketing your work. It will probably take more than giving a business card to potential clients and having a single conversation to convince them your services can be off value to them.
  5. Word of mouth.  Word of mouth helps very much in marketing your work offline, when you finish a jobs for a client in your area then you can expect not only payment but he will also spread the word about your talent to other potential clients in the area where you live. Because of this do your best when hired by someone from your area and ask him if he can recommend you to other business owners.

These are some tips to help you find clients offline. Important thing about marketing your work is that you never stop marketing your work both online and offline. Every time you go out to grocery store of walk in the park there is possibility that you will meet a potential client.

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