10 Revenue Sharing Websites To Make Money From AdSense

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Revenue sharing websites are great way for creative people to start making money online. To be possible to make money all they will need is a membership to one or more revenue sharing websites, Google AdSense account and to create and publish their content. Freelance writers and other creative people can create a passive online income stream for themselves by writing articles, reviews, how to guides, answering questions, making their videos and publishing their photographs.

If you are interested in making money online by displaying Google AdSense ads there are many revenue sharing sites where you can publish your work and earn percentage of the income. All of these websites pay atleast 50% share of the ad impression, and some of them even pay 100% to their contributors.

Here is list of best Adsense revenue sharing websites you can join and start to make money:

Webanswers  – rewards their members for asking and answering question. You can post a question or find a questions posted by other members of the community and answer them. Revenue is split between all members who the post question or answer it on the page.

HubPages – is a one of the most popular revenue sharing websites. Among other earning options you can monetize your articles, called hubs with Google Adsense.

Infobarrel  you can contribute articles, videos, sound clips or picture galleries and keep 75% of the revenue generated by your content.

Bukisa – lets you make money with articles and how to guides. Bukisa rewards it’s contributors with 60% revenue share.

Flixya – contributors can upload videos, photos and blogging.  The contributors  get to keep 100% of the revenue generated by their videos photos and blog posts.

YouTube – is the worlds greatest video sharing websites and one of the worlds best known and most visited websites. There is not a single person in the world that doesn’t know about Youtube, but not every one knows that they can make money on Youtube. Once you join Youtube partner program you can start making money online with your videos and keep 100% of the advertising revenue. Youtube can be very lucrative, there are people that made millions from their videos on Youtube.

Snipsly – welcomes contributors from all over the world who can contribute articles on any subject they want. Snipsly rewards it’s contributors with 80% revenue share.

Best Reviewer – rewards it’s contributors for publishing their top 10 lists. Contributors are rewarded with a AdSense block which is located under the title of your article.

Seekyt – Contributors make money by publishing articles on any topic. They earn revenue share of minimum 50% which can be increased.

Xomba –  allows it’s contributors to publish blog posts, lists, bookmarks, recipes reviews and rewards them with 60% share of the AdSense earnings.

These are some of the best AdSense revenue sharing sites where you can make money from the content you create. Before publishing your content check out the guidelines of the website and join the community where you will find many tips and advice on how to create quality content and maximize your earnings.

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  2. Hi, nice list of revenue share sites!

    I would also like to add WriterTown.com …..

    We offer an astounding 100% revenue share, users may post their previously-published articles, self-serving links, and we actively promote their articles via our newsletter and Facebook page.

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